Engineering Solutions, Inc. (ESI)
Engineering Solutions, Inc. (ESI)

Documentation Services

Equipment/ Work Specifications

ESI will work with a client to develop a detailed set of equipment specifications and or a Statement Of Work (SOW), based on the client’s requirements. ESI can supply the documentation to the client or if required, ESI can solicit and evaluate bids from vendors and supply a bid summary and vendor selection recommendation to the client.

O&M Manuals

ESI can develop detailed O&M manuals for clients. Typically we develop manuals for new equipment or processes. We can also revise and update existing O&M manuals or develop new O&M manuals for existing equipment and or processes. At a minimum, our work product typically includes a process overview, several pictures of the equipment with each component appropriately labeled, a maintenance schedule, list of spare parts, list of parts suppliers, list of consumable materials, recommended spare parts list, trouble shooting guide, start-up, operating, and shutdown procedure.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

If a manufacturer or service provider wants to provide a consistent level of quality in their product and minimize process mutations it is imperative that all employees be trained to perform the operations required by their job. The backbone of this training is the SOP. One of ESI’s specialties is developing detailed SOPs that break the process down into a series of simple steps. In addition, ESI includes an overview of the process to aid in understanding the relationship between process steps. If applicable, ESI can also include a macro overview, in the SOP, detailing how a specific process relates to the whole system. In our experience, inclusion of the relational information aids in employee understanding, training, and involvement.

Spill Prevention Control and Counter measure (SPCC) Plans

ESI can create, revise, update, and provide Professional Engineer certification for SPCC plans in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois.

Air Permits

ESI will develop air permit applications for new and or modifications to existing facilities.

National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permits

ESI will develop NPDES permit applications for new and or modification of existing facilities.

Contractors Safety Plans (CSP)

ESI will develop CSP for clients. The CSP are custom tailored to client requirements.

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