Engineering Solutions, Inc. (ESI)
Engineering Solutions, Inc. (ESI)

Mechanical Engineering Services

Equipment Specifications

ESI will work with a client to develop a detailed set of equipment specifications and or a Statement Of Work (SOW), based on the client’s requirements. ESI can supply the documentation to the client or if required, ESI can solicit and evaluate bids from vendors and supply a bid summary and vendor selection recommendation to the client.

Material Specifications

ESI will assist in selection of materials for service in harsh operating environments. We can provide our clients with recommendations for materials for service in corrosive, abrasive, and high temperature environments. Our expertise includes metals, polymers, rubber, refractory materials, and a wide variety of surface coatings.

Energy Recovery and Management

ESI will work with clients to develop an energy balance for their process, identify opportunities for energy savings, provide estimates of project cost and payback, prepare statements of work, and solicit bids for system fabrication and installation.

Stress/Failure Analysis

ESI can provide our clients with stress and failure analysis via a certified testing laboratory. Our experience in material testing gives us the expertise needed to identify the appropriate tests required to meet our client’s needs. When standard test do not meet our client’s needs we can work with the testing laboratory to develop customized test procedures to meet our client’s requirements.

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