Engineering Solutions, Inc. (ESI)
Engineering Solutions, Inc. (ESI)

Environmental Engineering Services

Remediation System Design Specification

Our engineers have successfully designed over fifty remediation systems. The systems designed cover the full range of remediation methods. They include pump and treat, soil vapor extraction, air sparge, dual phase extraction, bio venting, chemical injection, and combinations of various methods. We have designed systems for operation with both vertical and horizontal wells. Our systems have been used on sites contaminated with BTEX, chlorinated solvents, and various other types of solvents. Typical systems have used a PLC based control system with remote monitoring, alarm, and control capabilities. Our goal is to produce a system that is cost effective, has high run time efficiency (typically above 90% up time) and operates with a minimum amount of equipment failures.

Control System Design

ESI can design, fabricate, and install PLC based control systems that can control and maintain a wide variety of process equipment. Our systems are in operation in a variety of industrial and environmental applications. Many of our systems make extensive use of remote data acquisition, alarm functions, and system control via a secure internet based communication link.

Horizontal Air Sparge Well Screen Design

ESI designs well screens for horizontal air sparge wells.

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